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Best Microphone Under 100 Pounds/Dollars

Posted on | November 22, 2012 | No Comments

You wont need me to tell you that music can be a really expensive hobby at times, and if you’re into recording, microphones will be one of the many expenses you’ll incur. The good news is that the market is more competitive than ever now, which means mics are getting more affordable, and you can get a good microphone under 100 pounds or dollars (sorry to put it in two currencies, you can tell I’m from the UK).

We’ve had the luxury of using many microphones in the past, you’ll be pleased to find out that some of these relatively affordable models actually deliver an amazing, professional sound, and are more than good enough for home recording, gigging or rehearsals. Check out our  list of the best affordable mics on the market.
Hama Dynamic Microphone DM-65 – Hama aren’t well known for their microphones, and manufacture a wide range of electronic products, but this cheap as chips mic has been very well received. It might not be up to scratch for a professional recording studio, but great for home demos. It’s dynamic and seems pretty durable (I don’t have the luxury of putting it on “will it blend”) but this is a great mic for hobbyists, rehearsals and playing live. Expect to pay around £25 or $40.

Samson CO1U – This will be pretty much smack on your budget if you have 100 bucks to spend (£65-70 UK pounds). It’s one of a new range of plug and play USB mics, and it’s a condenser, so it’s great for recording at home, but wont do you much good playing live. That said, the sound is surprisingly clean, Samson do a decent range of lower end microphones, and this is no exception. Again, nothing that you’re going to find used at abbey road any time soon but for home recordings this is a super mic, great value for money.

AKG D5 – This is a dynamic vocal microphone, but it can be used on certain instruments to good effect (though not recommended for kick drums!) As a brand, I trust AKG a lot more than I trust some other brands, and this mic continues their consistency and ability to deliver good quality at a reasonable price. Good for vocals, interviews and podcasting and live performance, but not as easy to plug and record as some of the others mentioned in this list. For home recordings there are maybe better mics out there, but for live vocals this is the pick of the bunch.

Blue Microphones Snowball – Okay, I’ll start by saying these manufacturers don’t sponsor me, but they probably should! The quality this microphone delivers considering its price is nothing short of unbelievable. No use for live performance, but for recordings at home or in the studio, this microphone is absolutely the one. Used by professional musicians, this is probably the only mic on my list to have crept into CDs you can buy at your local store, and with good reason, for £60/$90 you really won’t go wrong with this. Check out my full review of the Blue Microphone Yeti, another affordable mic by the same brand.

And a little added bonus:

This microphone stand is really cheap and great for recording at your desk, regardless of whether you’re a podcaster, voiceover artist or singer. Foldable and amazing value. Check it out.


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