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Blogging Tips For Musicians

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I’ve already written about whether musicians should blog here on Zedara before. You can check out my should musicians blog post if you’re in the process of deciding. If you’ve decided you are going to blog, or have already started, then this is the post for you, my guide to blogging for musicians.

The amount of businesses with blogs is growing. Blogging continues to prove itself a valuable way to reach an audience, drive traffic and expand any sort of project. You should see your music as a business or as a separate entity with at least some business interests if you’re going to blog in order to benefit your music.

  1. Be relevant and blog about the interesting things you’re doing. The chances are people visiting your blog or signed up to follow you on social networks will want to hear about your day to day activities, but the ones that set you apart as a musician, not just any old thing. If you’re going to a recording studio, buying a new guitar or playing a gig somewhere exciting, people might well be interested, and it is relevant to the blog you will be creating. Your brand new puppy might be really exciting too, but it has no baring on your music, and thus should be left for a personal blog.
  2. Post regularly, but not too much. Nobody wants to follow a blog that bombards them every few minutes, but to get the most out of your blog and make sure people are following, sharing and most importantly reading your blog, you should post on a regular basis. Its no use going 5 months without a post then putting 20 new ones on in a week. Space them out for the best results.
  3. Take advantage of every type of media. You’re a musician, so you’re lucky in that you’re able to take exciting photos of music venues, instruments, band practices and more, as well as creating new videos and audio files. Loads of bloggers would kill to have all of this media ready to share with their audience. Treat your fans to an audio preview, make a fun video of your band practices and take every opportunity to create and output new media. This can also drive people from other outlets such as Soundcloud and Youtube.
  4. Make a personal connection. Musicians should always try to connect with as many of their fans as possible, and your blog gives you a chance to mention people or to respond to comments. Reaching out like this can make the difference between casual interest and fanaticism.
  5. Make it shareable. We’ve all heard of going viral, and its important that you at least try to do so. Making fun videos or clever photos for example can be a really cool way of getting people to share via social networks and hope that the traffic starts to flood to your site.
  6. Express yourself. Be creative, post about your opinions on the music industry or a new artist. A lot of people don’t have the luxury of doing this on their blog, they have to be objective and write in a certain way. You’re in a creative industry so you have a bit more license to explore with this one.
  7. Have fun. This is the last and possibly most important tip. Not only will having fun with your blog make it easier to do, your positive outlook will shine through and help your blog become a success.


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