Music Production and Promotion Tips

Best Microphone Under 100 Pounds/Dollars

You wont need me to tell you that music can be a really expensive hobby at times, and if you’re into recording, microphones will be one of the many expenses you’ll incur. The good news is that the market is more competitive than ever now, which means mics are getting more affordable, and you can [...]

Shure PG57 Microphone Review

Shure are one of the best known Microphone manufacturers out there. Their mics have graced studios and stages all over the world since the dawn of the music industry as we know it. In spite of so many technological advances, the guys at Shure have made sure their mics stay desirable and right at the [...]

Producers That Use Logic and Logic Pro

It is always interesting to know what synths, instruments and software the top producers are using to make their music. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a professional, it’s good to keep abreast of the trends in the industry, software being one of them. DAWs and software have changed hugely over the last 10 years, [...]

Programming Drums

Whether you’re a maker of Jazz, rock and roll, Dubstep or Hip Hop, advances in musical technology over the last 15-20 years have made it possible for the average Joe bedroom musician to program their own drum beats on a computer rather than having to rely on standard recordings and bland, rehashed and reused loops. [...]

How to Start Making Electronic Music

We all love electronic music, right? And all of the brilliant genres that have sprung from the ability to make music in the world of digital. Making music in every genre is more accessible than ever, and perhaps more exciting than ever because of this.You can start making electronic music too! Exciting, huh? Here’s Zedara’s guide to [...]

Recording Acoustic Guitar

In the wonderful modern age we live in, we’re lucky enough to not need recording studios to be able to make a professional sounding song. Fortunately for all the guitarists out there, your instrument is one that can relatively simply be recorded at home. That said, there are loads of contributing factors to getting a [...]

Recording Vocals at Home

Home Studios are increasingly popular among musicians and aspiring musicians, if you’re looking to make music from the comfort of your own desk, vocals can often be the big stumbling block. There’s no way to plug a human straight into a PC (not until sci-fi films actually come true, anyway), which means we have to [...]

How to make a music video: What camera do I need?

The technology in cameras and video cameras has changed an awful lot over the last 10 years, and it can be hard to know where this leaves you. So what camera do you need to make a music video? Does it have to be a video camera? Can I get a camera for under £100/$150 [...]

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