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Hot Male Musicians – A List

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Whether your type is a tender and soulful singer, an intricate and delicate guitarist or a hunky man-beast of a drummer, there’s something about talented musicians that just makes a woman swoon, and over the years we’ve been treated in the world of hot male musicians. Get ready for our ultimate list of musicians who make women go weak at the knees.

Elvis Presley

Lets start off nice and early in the world of music, with a superhero who might make you weak at the knees just like he made your grannies weak at the knees all those years ago. Elvis, with his puppy dog eyes, swagger and charm is a real early sex symbol, you just might have to forget about the years when he got so hooked on burgers…

Paul McCartney

Everyone had a favourite Beatle, right? However, whether your favourite was John or George (sorry Ringo, I dont think you were in many peoples’ thoughts), everyone is pretty much in agreement that Paul, on paper, was the hottest of the foursome that took the world by storm in the 1960s. Of course, to look at him now might not make you tingle, but in his day Paul was up there with the best.

Kurt Cobain

Those blonde-ish locks were the object of millions of angst ridden teens desires back in the early 90s, Kurt is a real icon in so many ways, not least for being one of the hottest “outcast rockers” there ever was. At least that’s what the girls in high school used to tell me.


You either love him or hate him, right? Well I love him and I think he’s hot stuff! Rocking the geek chic look way before it came into fashion, Morrissey has matured with age and become the object of 80s indie kids everywhere’s desires. Just make sure you don’t eat meat if you want to score with the Mozmeister.

Frank Sinatra

Oh yeah, the ultimate Crooner with a voice to make the female hormones bubble over and melt. Frank had class and didn’t he just know it, with a voice like that he could’ve looked like a pug who’d been in a motorcycle accident and still became a pin up.

Jeff Buckley

Was it the voice? Was it the mystery? Was it the chiseled face and beautiful jaw structure, or maybe the voice? Or maybe…okay, Jeff had style, class and that air of the unknown that seems to make women faint.

Damon Albarn

Yes, Britpop DID have somebody attractive leading the movement, and his name was Damon. The Blur and Gorillaz man was one of the hotties of the 90s music scene and is turning into something of a silver fox as he enters his 40s.

David Bowie

A bit of a strange one, this, but there’s no doubting his pin-up status. Bowie is scrawny, has the typical “English” teeth, and on paper perhaps isn’t the hottest of guys, but there’s just a certain charm about David that women find simply┬áirresistible.

Mick Jagger

He had moves…well, rather like Jagger, but again in spite of his seemingly ordinary books, Jagger’s charm made him an object of 60s and 70s desire. In spite of keeping his dinner in his upper lip.

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