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How Much Do DJs Get Paid?

Posted on | September 2, 2012 | No Comments

Being a DJ is many people’s dream job. Touring around dropping your favourite tracks for money, being worshipped by audiences everywhere and having a working environment which is the pinnacle of most peoples’ social lives. If you’re a music lover, being a DJ is probably something you’ve dreamt of at some point, but as with any career or part time job, you have to consider the financial implications, so how much do DJs get paid, and is it a viable career option?

The first thing to say is that just like any other career, there are different levels of success and popularity, and along with that comes different price brackets. Not only this, there are loads of different styles, genres and audiences that require DJs, which will also dictate how much a DJ gets paid…

A ‘Local’ DJ

I’m calling it a Local DJ anyway. What I mean by this is the kind of DJ that will play parties and events locally as well as the odd bar and nightclub. Depending on what sort of an area you’re in, this can be enough work to keep you going, and is certainly a great way to make money to get you through your education or alongside another part time job. Be warned, though, this isn’t the most glamourous of jobs in the DJing field, and you should be prepared to do some unfulfilling gigs (kids parties, weddings etc.) in order to make some dollar. Basically, your pay will be in the hundreds rather than thousands weekly, and there will probably be dry spells, but Local DJs can definitely make enough money to get by and even live comfortably.

A ‘National’ DJ

Now we’re talking about what most people who want to be DJs will aspire to. By national DJs I mean those in demand in multiple locations, and who will get calls asking them to play hundreds of miles away. If you’re in demand like this, prepare to be able to charge thousands per gig, and to have the creative freedom to play whatever you like (not the cheesy songs you’ll be asked to play at family functions). National DJs can make a lot of money if they stay busy, more gigs are available on a wider spectrum, and pay can be sizeable. Hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds aren’t out of the question if you stay busy.

A ‘Superstar’ DJ

It’s no secret that the best DJs in the world get to superstar celebrity status. Now, I’m talking international, full blown tours, playing the biggest clubs and most renowned venues in the world, and probably dabbling in producing music too. If you play your cards right, have a good team and a good business mind, as well as being incredible at spinning tracks, millions are not out of the question. In fact, DJ Tiesto is famously rumoured to charge a Million dollars to play ONE GIG. These really are celebrity realms and wont be reached with ease, but it’s achievable. Go forth and drop the tracks, and see where you can get to in your DJ career…


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