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How to Get Discovered in Music

Posted on | April 11, 2012 | No Comments

Aspiring musicians everywhere, take note! Zedara is back with another one of our magnificent sets of tips, this time we’re talking about how to get discovered in music, which, ultimately is what we all want, right? Well, you can hugely increase your chances by following the steps we’ve collated for you below. (Best read out in a countdown style, as if on a chart show).

  1. Play live as much as possible. Don’t worry if you’re not getting paid, you just need to get the word out there at this stage and pick up as many fans as possible.
  2. Give stuff away. Free music, free merch. You might need to invest a bit in this (I’m sorry) but it’ll be worth it in the long run, sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate and by giving away music at gigs for example, you can make sure you’re not instantly forgotten.
  3. Help someone. Give, and you shall receive. Help fellow musicians out in whatever way you can, whether they need live musicians, help recording or just tips and advice on their skills. By helping other music industry professionals you make sure they know your name, and wont forget you in a hurry, it’s all about…
  4. Networking. No, you don’t have to go round kissing people’s butts at networking meetings, just talk to people, talk at gigs, talk at the store, talk to buskers. You never know when somebody you have met is going to present an opportunity to you that could make or break your career.
  5. Be patient. You probably wont get discovered overnight.
  6. Send demos. Get your demo to as many promoters, record labels, blogs and magazines as possible.
  7. Stand out. Make sure your demo doesn’t look the same as every other demo, it won’t get listened to.
  8. Be professional. Try to present yourself in the most professional manor possible, whether it’s a professional looking press release or just not dressing like a tramp for gigs. The image you project of yourself is oh so important.
  9. Be visible on the internet. Try youtube, blogging, a website and any other way you can put yourself in front of people’s eyes on the internet is another potential fan.
  10. Keep improving. Listen to what people say about you. Feedback is important and you might need to improve before you can get discovered.


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