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As a musician or artist, you need gigs. Live music drives so much of the industry nowadays, and you can’t pirate gig tickets (well, not easily anyway), so if you’re serious about your career in music, you need to be playing live, it doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ or a metal band, concerts are important. Knowing how to get gigs as an aspiring superstar can be the extremely difficult, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s what Zedara is here for. Here are our tips and ideas on how you can get yourself more gigs.

Firstly, you need to have the right promotional material. Invest some time and a little money on creating a press kit (a guide on creating your press kit is coming soon on Zedara), this will allow you to show concert promoters what you’re made of, and why they should put you on the lineup for their next gig, a tacky and cheap presentation of your band will not encourage somebody organising a gig to put their faith in you to perform. Presentation is everything.

Next up, you need to find out who pulls the strings locally in the music industry. Attend local gigs and try and find out who has organised it, it might be an individual or a company, either way, armed with your press kit, find somebody who makes decisions and make sure they know you exist.

Responding to ads is key, and yes they are out there. Keep an eye on Gumtree or whatever your preferred online free advertising platform is, believe it or not people are always looking for musical talent, and you cant afford to miss out when people need you.

Talk to other bands. This is a really key tip, especially if you’re looking to spread your net and play further afield. Contact a band 50 miles away and trade local contacts, you get them a gig if they’ll get you one, it’s really important to build strong relationships in music anyway, but especially so when it comes to moving further afield.

Have a strong online presence. Be on every social network going, have a website and a blog which both state you are available for gigs, and make sure that if anything is going to come up, you’re in a position to be considered. Twitter is a fantastic networking tool, find local promoters, follow them, and talk to them. Provide help when they need it, they’ll reward you with their faith.

Make sure you get your hands on a music directory, it might just be the best money you ever spend, and though the outlay might not be small, it will provide you with a load of fantastic contacts, and loads of promoters who you can make sure hear your demo. People sign up as providers on directories because they want to be approached, do it in the right way and you’ll get yourself gigs.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Of course, as always, I’ll be adding to my list as time goes on and trying to keep it current, make sure that if you have any tips to share, you leave a comment below, help a fellow band out and perhaps they’ll even get in touch with you for a gig-swap. Happy gigging people!


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