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How to Get My Music on Spotify

Posted on | March 26, 2012 | 1 Comment

How to get my music on Spotify? A key question for breaking artists and musicians everywhere. Spotify is huge, and still growing all the time thanks to angel investor Sean Parker (made famous by Justin Timberlake’s portrayal in The Social Network). You can find almost anyone who’s anyone on Spotify as it continues to become the streaming alternative to iTunes. So how to get your songs featured?

Getting your tunes on Spotify can be surprisingly simple, but it’s not something you’ll want to tackle yourself. Instead, you can go down the very simple route of using an online music distribution company, who will have the direct contacts to make sure your songs get on there. I recommend Ditto Music. Ditto allow you to distribute your tunes through them to loads of brilliant online stores and streaming services, Spotify being one of them. What’s more, they dont take a cut of what you make; royalties are yours to keep, Ditto simply take a one of fee. “Fee? That doesn’t sound good…”. It’s not ideal to have to shell out money, but with these guys it’s worth it. Single distribution can cost just $9, $35 for an album (prices correct as of March 2012), which is a drop in the ocean when you consider all the great places they distribute to; the full list of which is here.

Another question most musicians on the cusp of putting their music on Spotify ask is “is it worth it?” and the financial answer is often a resounding “no”. To make good money on Spotify, you need a huge amount of listeners (A million plays will only make you around £200/$300). However, having your music on there has so many other benefits; it can open up a world of new listeners, it looks professional and it allows you to let people listen to your music for free. Most people just listen on Spotify, not buy, so you could be lucky enough to pick up a load of purchases on your own site. Bonus.

Its really pretty simple, and something you should do if you’re serious about your music. I am not affiliated with Ditto in any way, they do not pay me to put my links on an article, but I think they’re fantastic and have heard so many good things about them as a company. Let me know how you get on via the comments box below.


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