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How to Promote Your Band on Facebook

Posted on | June 25, 2012 | No Comments

Facebook is a big player when it comes to promoting just about anything these days. The social media site is a hub for a huge portion of the population, who use Facebook day in day out, and it’s growing all the time, too. Social media makes it simpler to reach your target audience than it ever has been before, and to hook them into your network for the future. Used correctly, the big blue website can be a massive help in the career of a musician, and you might even ‘go viral’ and end up being the talk of the world! (Okay, it’s a pipe dream, but it could happen!)

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume you’re already familiar with Facebook ‘pages’, if you’re not, stop at this point and head over to google to do a bit of research (hey, I cant do everything around here). To make the best of promoting your band on Facebook, you need one of their pages. Got one? Great. What to do with it? Well first off, you should make it look appealing. Fill in loads of information, make sure your music can be heard on the page and that anything you have that can show what you do (youtube videos, soundcloud recordings etc.) are embedded on your page and allow people to judge whether they’re fans of your music or not. Get a photo or two on there, and your band logo, professional looking ones, not something you made on MS Paint! You can get a half decent logo made for you on Fiverr.com for $5, so there’s really no excuse for not looking pro, and you can take a decent photo on a new iPhone, so again, it’s not unattainable – present yourself as best you can.

Now it might be time to call on some favours. You will need a helping hand with your band page in order to get people to ‘like’ your band. Ask your friends and family first, and start closer to home! Once you have a platform of even 5o fans, you can ask them to share your page with their friends and so on and so forth, you can grow your network of fans a little like this. On top of this, people that dont know you and hit your page will see that you already have some fans, and know you mean business!

In my opinion, the key to getting a lot of ‘likes’ on Facebook is integration. You must be producing loads of content, music, videos and otherwise, and putting them out there for people to see both on your Facebook page (peoples friends will see any content that your friends ‘like’ or comment on) and outside of Facebook too – somebody may see a Youtube video of yours and if your Facebook link is within, go on to ‘like’ your page. If it is presented as discussed then you will be presenting the right image to get people interested.

The alternative method of getting ‘likes’, and one worth considering, is to run an advertising campaign within Facebook. Not ideal, I know, as it’s not FREE like the methods I’ve talked about already, but if you have any budget at all that you can sling on a Facebook ad campaign, you can target your ads in a way that will get you seen by a relevant audience. Inspired by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Facebook lets you advertise just to their fans if you want, and this is a great way to kick start your page. Remember, once you have somebody on your page they will see your updates until they ‘unlike’ you, so even if you pay 20 cents for a like, you might gain a fan forever.

The etiquette of your Facebook page is the last thing I will talk about. It goes without saying really, but I’ll make it crystal clear. Don’t spam, don’t do anything that will annoy your fans, and dont post to their news feeds constantly, they will stop paying attention or block you altogether.


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