Music Production and Promotion Tips

How to Leave a Band

Being in a band can be a difficult bond to break, you spend a lot of time together, work hard together collectively and may even make some money together. Leaving a band can be a difficult thing to do both for yourself and for the other members. Whatever your reasons for leaving a band, whether [...]

How to Make a Living as a Singer

How to get started as a Singer Making a living as a singer can be tough and it requires a lot of hard work and determination. I have been a full-time professional singer performing in function, party and tribute bands for the last 7 years and based on my experiences – I’ve put together some [...]

Blogging Tips For Musicians

I’ve already written about whether musicians should blog here on Zedara before. You can check out my should musicians blog post if you’re in the process of deciding. If you’ve decided you are going to blog, or have already started, then this is the post for you, my guide to blogging for musicians. The amount [...]

Why I Love Vinyl, Even in the 21st Century

Vinyl is awesome. You wont find many muso’s who disagree, whether your iPod is always in your pocket, or you rarely listen to digital music, you can still love vinyl either way, and some people are truly crazy about one of the oldest forms of listening to music. Call it nostalgia, call it snobbery, but [...]

Promoting Music Lessons and Tuition – How to Get New Students

We’ve already discussed how music lessons can be a brilliant way for musicians to make a bit of extra cash while they make their way towards their goals. Teaching aspiring music makers how to play guitar, piano or whatever your instrument of choice is can be surprisingly profitable and really rewarding, as well as making [...]

How Much Do DJs Get Paid?

Being a DJ is many people’s dream job. Touring around dropping your favourite tracks for money, being worshipped by audiences everywhere and having a working environment which is the pinnacle of most peoples’ social lives. If you’re a music lover, being a DJ is probably something you’ve dreamt of at some point, but as with [...]

Best Cover Band Songs

If you’re in a cover band, you’ll know that your choice of songs is absolutely essential. The chances are that as a cover band, you’re mainly booked for functions or events, and you’re expected to lift the mood and give people something to dance or rock out to! Nobody will want to hear a cover [...]

Coolest Music venues around Manchester – Zedara

For decades Manchester has been notorious for its music scene. Dubbed ‘Madchester’ in the late 1980s, the city was home to a style of music which blended dance, alternative rock and psychedelic sounds, to create a unique brand of indie rock. Bands such as the Charlatans, the Stone Roses and New Order, all helped pioneer [...]

Musicians Former Jobs – Before They Were Famous

We’ve all seen ‘before they were famous’ lists before. They’re fun, right?! As well as being fun though, they can be truly inspiring to those of us who are having to work in jobs we dont necessarily care about while trying to create a career for ourselves in the music industry. So who are the [...]

Going On Tour – How to organise a tour as a band or artist

Going on tour is important for both aspiring and established bands and musicians. If you’re U2, you can go out on tour to boost your coffers by another $150 million, but if you’re just a small band or artist trying to make a name for yourself, touring is still an option and can be both [...]

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