Music Production and Promotion Tips

Recording Vocals at Home

Home Studios are increasingly popular among musicians and aspiring musicians, if you’re looking to make music from the comfort of your own desk, vocals can often be the big stumbling block. There’s no way to plug a human straight into a PC (not until sci-fi films actually come true, anyway), which means we have to [...]

Teaching Instruments: An Income for Musicians

As you probably know, the world of music can be up and down, and for musicians, it can be a real roller-coaster ride, one day you’re making a months wages in a few hours at a gig and the next day you’re eating bread straight out of the bag. The point is that the money [...]

Is Myspace Dead?

Once upon a time, Myspace was the go-to sharing site for the aspiring musician. The social network was perhaps the first big website for sharing information about your life, creating a profile online, and importantly for us muso’s, promoting music to the public. Every band going used to have a Myspace page, and I remember [...]

Is my song good? How to tell.

Divorcing yourself from an artistic creation such as your latest song and trying to work out how it will be perceived by others is a difficult thing for us musicians to do. You may have a particular affection for your song because of the way it is written or what it means to you, but [...]

How to Write Lyrics

Writing the perfect lyrics can be tough, whether you’re a soul singer or a metal band. Perhaps you’re not the most poetic type, but you have an incredible voice and you’re not afraid to use it, alternatively, you could be a band with a frontperson who is reluctantly giving singing a go to enhance your [...]

Dance Labels: Start Your Own Independent Dance Label

The music world combined with the exciting digital age has brought a DIY ethos to many an aspiring label owner. We now have most of the tools we need at our fingertips in order to create a record label, something that once upon a time would have been a pipe dream can now be turned [...]

How to Get Gigs

As a musician or artist, you need gigs. Live music drives so much of the industry nowadays, and you can’t pirate gig tickets (well, not easily anyway), so if you’re serious about your career in music, you need to be playing live, it doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ or a metal band, concerts are [...]

How to Get Discovered in Music

Aspiring musicians everywhere, take note! Zedara is back with another one of our magnificent sets of tips, this time we’re talking about how to get discovered in music, which, ultimately is what we all want, right? Well, you can hugely increase your chances by following the steps we’ve collated for you below. (Best read out [...]

How to Become a Session Guitarist

So you want to be a session guitarist? I don’t blame you – being a session musician can be both a rewarding and lucrative career, not to mention you get to make a living out of your guitar, who wouldn’t want that? Jimmy Page started his musical career as a session musician, so it’s even [...]

How to Get My Music on Spotify

How to get my music on Spotify? A key question for breaking artists and musicians everywhere. Spotify is huge, and still growing all the time thanks to angel investor Sean Parker (made famous by Justin Timberlake’s portrayal in The Social Network). You can find almost anyone who’s anyone on Spotify as it continues to become [...]

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