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Make Money Selling Stock Music

Posted on | March 7, 2012 | 1 Comment

Money making opportunities for a musician aren’t necessarily easy to come by, but here’s a revenue stream that can be extremely lucrative. In a world where record labels aren’t putting money into musicians and it’s harder than ever to achieve fame in the world of music. However, there are a lot of areas of the industry that are easier than ever such as distribution and sharing music. Another area that is made easy by the internet is “stock” or “production” music.

Stock music provides musicians with the opportunity to take advantage of growing industries such as web video, film production, advertising and more. Any project that requires music, be it a video advert on a website or an online game. Selling the music you have produced in this way, or even producing music specifically to sell as production music can create a fantastic supplementary or even full time income.

You could sell the music yourself via a website, but if you choose to do so, be prepared to have to learn a lot about licensing and the legal side of music (something us creative types struggle with) and also be prepared for a momentous struggle when it comes to promoting your music to potential buyers. The sensible choice is to use a company who already sell production music, and will allow you to add your tunes to their library. Productiontrax are one such agency, as are NeoSounds and also Audiosparx. They host and sell your creations on your behalf, paying a not unkind commission of 65% on any sales. On top of this they put together and sell bundles of tracks – if yours fits the bill, it may be sold as a part of these bundles and create another revenue stream.

So what will sell best? The million dollar question. Some people are looking for a dramatic classical piece, some people are looking for some funky techno, some want a melancholic piano piece. The truth is there’s no science to it, and the best advice I can give you is to try and create a big volume of quality, diverse pieces of music. Variation is key to selling stock music en masse you need to be both versatile and inoffensive as a composer in order to make a big volume of production music sales.

How much can you make? Again this is a very broad question. The best answer I can give is that it depends largely on your dedication, musical talent and output. Don’t expect to upload one track and make a living off of it, but the more quality music the upload the more potential there is to make money, after all it doesn’t cost you anything to produce and upload. Focus on providing as much good content as you can and the money will hopefully take care of itself. Remember there’s nothing wrong with you trying to promote it yourself even if you are using an agency to sell on your behalf.

Tell us of your experiences selling stock music. We’d love to hear from you so please do leave a comment.


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