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Musicians Former Jobs – Before They Were Famous

Posted on | August 9, 2012 | No Comments

We’ve all seen ‘before they were famous’ lists before. They’re fun, right?! As well as being fun though, they can be truly inspiring to those of us who are having to work in jobs we dont necessarily care about while trying to create a career for ourselves in the music industry. So who are the famous musicians who used to hold down jobs as pen salesmen or zookeepers, and where are they now? Here is our list of musicians and their former jobs.

Madonna – Dunkin’ Donuts

She wasn’t always a queen of pop, and once upon a time Madonna had to pay her way by working at Dunkin’ Donuts in the USA. Apparently our favourite material girl got fired from her position.

Cindi Lauper – Dog Kennel Cleaner

Perhaps girls do just wanna have fun, but I cant imagine Cindi had a lot of fun cleaning out dog poop in her former job as a dog kennel cleaner.

Eddie Vedder – Security Guard

Grunge icon Eddie Vedder used to work as a night time security guard, which I can believe. If you believe the rumours, he was sacked for playing his guitar on the job.

Ozzy Osbourne – Trainee Plumber.

Ozzy Osbourne; prince of darkness… and O bends. To prepare himself for the heavy metal lifestyle, Ozzy worked as a plumbing trainee in his native UK.

Rod Stewart – Grave Digger

Rod was a talented sportsman as a kid, and had trials at many of the UKs best football (soccer) teams. Having failed to make a career as a footballer he had to take a job digging graves. Fortunately he didn’t stay there for long and moved into music as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Jennifer Lopez – Legal Assistant

J Lo used to ply her trade in an office job for a firm of lawyers, slightly different to the variety act she has become today.

Kurt Cobain – Janitor

Perhaps Kurt’s life of grunge inspired him to coin the genre of grunge music. Famously, Cobain was a janitor before he found fame as frontman of Nirvana. Perhaps he quit because of the smell of teen spirit.

Mariah Carey – Waitress

Having survived just one day training as a beauty consultant, Mariah Carey says she was fired from loads of waitress jobs before she found fame. I’m not completely surprised.

Mick Jagger – Porter at a Mental Hospital

Mick payed his way through school by working at a mental hospital.


Lists like this are always a bit of fun, and it is interesting how life can change paths. Hopefully this will act as inspiration for those of us who have to get up and work a job we’re not passionate about on our quest for musician status.


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