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Producers That Use Logic and Logic Pro

Posted on | August 21, 2012 | No Comments

It is always interesting to know what synths, instruments and software the top producers are using to make their music. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a professional, it’s good to keep abreast of the trends in the industry, software being one of them. DAWs and software have changed hugely over the last 10 years, and are always being reinvented and reworked. Software has become more accessible and we’re even seeing songs work their way into the charts and onto the radios that have been produced on cheap software that you wouldn’t call industry standard. Logic and Logic Pro however have continued to stamp their authority on the world of music production, and the software is used by some top musicians and producers, as listed below.

Mark Foster (Foster the People) - Foster the People shot to prominance in 2011 with a string of hit songs including ‘Helena Beat’, ‘Call it What You Want’ and ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ which featured on their album Torches. Mark Foster said about using the Software; “Logic felt so intuitive, as if a musician had created it. It really sped up my workflow while letting me stay creative. I didn’t have to be a sound engineer to work the program, so I could just be a songwriter.”

Markus Dravs (Producer who has worked with Coldplay, Brian Eno and Arcade Fire) – Top Producer Markus Dravs is a huge advocate of the program, with an interview about the recording and production of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’, he said;  ”It’s important to me to be able to keep working on a project, whatever the surroundings or hardware available. Many times I would take a session and continue working on it while traveling somewhere. Second, I enjoy having a few smaller satellite stations set up so band members can experiment with ideas and bring them to the table while other things may be going on elsewhere. Finally, because I also enjoy working on different styles of music quite a bit, I try to introduce programmed aspects into band productions and acoustic instruments into a more electronic environment: Logic gives me the best of both worlds.

Franz Ferdinand – Brit rockers Franz Ferdinand are big advocates of Logic too, and once again talk about how easy it makes composing on the go, as charismatic frontman Alex Kapranos says:  “When I want to get an arrangement together, Logic is brilliant for that, and very, very straightforward. It lets you get to a rough demo really quickly.”

“Switch” AKA Dave Taylor – Producer of the brilliant MIA and composer in his own right, Switch is another who uses Apple’s music software. “I walk into a studio for, say, a new band, and there’s this amazing mixing desk in a huge room, and I say to them, ‘OK, cool, here’s a stereo pair, can you just plug me into the channel and, oh, yeah, take a few hours off.’ I think it surprises people that I really just don’t do anything outside of Logic.”

Other notable users of Logic include electronica duo Plaid, The Killers and Paul Van Dyk, as well as a bunch more that simply haven’t been interviewed on the subject. I use logic myself and am a huge fan of everything it offers my music from composing to mixing and beyond.


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