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Promoting Music Lessons and Tuition – How to Get New Students

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We’ve already discussed how music lessons can be a brilliant way for musicians to make a bit of extra cash while they make their way towards their goals. Teaching aspiring music makers how to play guitar, piano or whatever your instrument of choice is can be surprisingly profitable and really rewarding, as well as making sure you brush up on your own skills along the way.

It is one thing deciding you’re going to offer music lessons to people in your area, and a different thing entirely to build up a base of students who will use you as their tutor. It requires some planning and promotion to build up a reputation and make sure people know that you even exist. It’s time for the businessperson in you to rear their head, by treating your new venture as a small business and following our tips for promoting music lessons, you can make sure you bring in the money you’re looking for.

Get some promotional material printed

If you can get this professionally designed, even better. This is absolutely key to your marketing, especially because you’re aiming for local people. Postcards, posters, business cards and fliers are certainly among the best and most effective promotional materials out there, and will form a large part of your new marketing campaign (sorry to use the jargon, but that’s how you need to look at it).

Promote in Musical Places Wherever Possible

The communities in which you’re trying to promote yourself will probably have a few musical¬†epicenters. Musical instrument stores, rehearsal rooms and independent CD stores will be the most effective places to leave your promotional materials for obvious reasons. You may well have some success in coffee shops or other less relevant places, but marketing is all about reaching your target audience, and musical places will of course be where your audience hangs out.

Embrace The Internet

Even though you’re aiming local with your promotional techniques, you can still use the internet to great effect. Consider a website and a blog as a promotional method, along with using social media to reach out to people. Don’t be too forceful, but get involved with local music groups, websites and young people. Instead of begging them to pay attention, why not try and offer your assistance in order to get them to notice you, and respect you as well. You can use your website to publish details of how people can find you, how much you’re going to charge them (based on your local competitors) and try to rank highly on Google to gain traffic.

Consider Special Offers

Deal sites, vouchers and special offers are all the rage these days, consider putting your music lessons on Groupon or a local equivalent to try and drum up some initial business. You might not make a fortune to start with, but the idea is that you can upsell and turn your new customers into regulars.

Consider Paid Advertising

Whether you advertise in a local newspaper or magazine, a regional website or a classified directory, you need to make some calculations and consider how many new students it would have to gain you to be profitable. There is always an element of risk involved, but with a bit of experimentation you can make a bit of investment work for your lessons. Direct your paid ads to your phone number, website or social networks and give people an incentive (such as an offer) to connect with you.

Perform Well and Rely on Word of Mouth

It should always be your priority to treat your existing customers well, and hope that they tell their friends about you. As many of your students may well be younger people with a large circle of friends, this can be hugely effective. This is the business model most driving instructors rely on for gaining new customers and keeping their business going.


Following the above tips will set you on the right track to turning your new small business into a success that can support your other musical aspirations, or even become a full time job if that’s what you’re looking for. The only other ingredient is musical ability and a bit of passion. Get started today and watch the pennies roll in.


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