Music Production and Promotion Tips

Promoting Music Lessons and Tuition – How to Get New Students

We’ve already discussed how music lessons can be a brilliant way for musicians to make a bit of extra cash while they make their way towards their goals. Teaching aspiring music makers how to play guitar, piano or whatever your instrument of choice is can be surprisingly profitable and really rewarding, as well as making [...]

Becoming Famous On Youtube – A Route to Musical Success

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 4 or 5 years, you’ll probably know that Youtube is pretty huge! It is owned by Google now (they’re a pretty big company too) and as well as being the largest video hosting and sharing site on the internet, it is also one of [...]

The Demo CD – A Musician’s Best Friend

The demo CD has been around since the birth of home recording, superseded by the demo tape and with its routes set firmly in the 80s, demo CDs have become easier and easier to produce and are more useful than ever. During my studies of music, and pursuit of a career producing music for movies [...]

How to Promote Your Band on Facebook

Facebook is a big player when it comes to promoting just about anything these days. The social media site is a hub for a huge portion of the population, who use Facebook day in day out, and it’s growing all the time, too. Social media makes it simpler to reach your target audience than it [...]

Going On Tour – How to organise a tour as a band or artist

Going on tour is important for both aspiring and established bands and musicians. If you’re U2, you can go out on tour to boost your coffers by another $150 million, but if you’re just a small band or artist trying to make a name for yourself, touring is still an option and can be both [...]

Is my song good? How to tell.

Divorcing yourself from an artistic creation such as your latest song and trying to work out how it will be perceived by others is a difficult thing for us musicians to do. You may have a particular affection for your song because of the way it is written or what it means to you, but [...]

Dance Labels: Start Your Own Independent Dance Label

The music world combined with the exciting digital age has brought a DIY ethos to many an aspiring label owner. We now have most of the tools we need at our fingertips in order to create a record label, something that once upon a time would have been a pipe dream can now be turned [...]

How to Get Gigs

As a musician or artist, you need gigs. Live music drives so much of the industry nowadays, and you can’t pirate gig tickets (well, not easily anyway), so if you’re serious about your career in music, you need to be playing live, it doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ or a metal band, concerts are [...]

How to Get Discovered in Music

Aspiring musicians everywhere, take note! Zedara is back with another one of our magnificent sets of tips, this time we’re talking about how to get discovered in music, which, ultimately is what we all want, right? Well, you can hugely increase your chances by following the steps we’ve collated for you below. (Best read out [...]

How to Find a Band Name

Knowing how to find a band name is something of a holy grail for aspiring musicians everywhere. It’s hard enough putting your band together and writing some songs, but now you definitely need a name, and you need to know how on earth you can find one. In this article, I’ll go over my tips [...]

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