Music Production and Promotion Tips

How to Get My Music on Spotify

How to get my music on Spotify? A key question for breaking artists and musicians everywhere. Spotify is huge, and still growing all the time thanks to angel investor Sean Parker (made famous by Justin Timberlake’s portrayal in The Social Network). You can find almost anyone who’s anyone on Spotify as it continues to become [...]

Should Musicians Blog?

So you’re looking for fresh ways to promote your music and stay connected with your fans. Is blogging the answer? In my belief, blogging is one of the best ways you can expand your fanbase online, but why? Well, for a kickoff, it keeps your fans in the loop. A blog is a great place [...]

How to Make an Album Cover

So you’ve finished it. Your masterpiece, your piece de resistance, your “Blonde on Blonde” (*Bob Dylan album debates not welcome on this article). The time has come to get your CD ready to sell, you need to know how to make an album cover. Dimensions. The standard dimensions for an insert for your average jewel [...]

How to Get on the Radio

The Radio can still be an amazing promotional tool, whether regional, national or even student, many a musical movement has started with some Radio coverage. Here are my short, sweet and simple tips on how to get on the radio. Find a contact. Don’t just send a random demo or spammy email. Find a contact [...]

Should I Have My Own Domain and Website?

A tough question for the musician or aspiring music professional, should I have my own domain and website? Some get by on Facebook fan pages, myspace pages and other social networks, and maybe a hosted blog. In this day and age, is there really any excuse for not having a self-hosted domain and website? The [...]

QR Codes for Musicians

“Quick Response Codes” are a modern promotional technique like no other, allowing us to put a barcode on anything we please for people to scan and find with their mobile devices and smart-phones. What’s more, it really isn’t a difficult thing to implement, which is one of the reasons musicians should be using this new [...]

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