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Shure PG57 Microphone Review

Posted on | October 23, 2012 | No Comments

Shure are one of the best known Microphone manufacturers out there. Their mics have graced studios and stages all over the world since the dawn of the music industry as we know it. In spite of so many technological advances, the guys at Shure have made sure their mics stay desirable and right at the forefront in the world of mics, and recently launched their ‘PG’ series. Famous for their ‘SM’ series including the SM57 (the mic you see on almost every instrument ever…) and the SM58 (the mic you see used by almost every vocalist ever), and though by the standard set by other musical equipment these are not extortionately expensive, the PG range is something of a budget alternative, allowing bedroom musicians and rehearsal rooms everywhere get a slice of the pie for a fraction of the price.

The technical Specs

As you may have gathered from the above, the PG57, much like the SM57, is primarily used for instruments, though its versatility lends itself to vocals also if you need it to. This model is a dynamic cardioid microphone (it doesn’t need power, and records in almost a full circle), it has a frequency response of 50hz to 15,000hz (slightly less than its superior) and mine even came with an awesome pouch and an XLR lead to get you started.

So how good is the PG57 Microphone?

Surprisingly good, actually. General consensus in the world of music tech nerds is that this mic doesn’t fall too far short of the other models of a similar ilk, which you’ll pay double the price for. Shure have been producing quality mics for many a long year now, and as they say, the apple never falls far from the tree.

Something that I have been warned of, though, is the fact that the new series of PG mics are easy to accidentally turn off while holding them. Not a problem if, like me, you’re just going to mic up a guitar or snare and leave it, but if you’re using it for vocals this could be a big problem.

In general, though, these well designed mics will do a great job on all the instruments you associate with the ’57′ models, and delivers a particularly good sound on guitar amps, both distorted and clean, and on snare drums, and with a bit of friendly EQ’ing your recordings can sound up to industry standard, even on this pocket money mic.

Apart from the slight switch problem, and perhaps being a little less sturdy than their counterparts, the PG57 is a brilliant choice for bedroom musicians, beginners, and those needing a budget mic for things like your first home studio or a rehearsal room with a semi decent PA system. This mic will handle recording demos and rough mixes no problem, and if properly cleaned up might even make your final cut. It may not be an all in one supermic for those of us on a budget, but it sure does try its damnedest.

Of course, the SM57 will always be superior. Shure are the experts and they know that they can command a higher fee for the more elite mics, but that doesn’t mean that the PG wont do you a decent job, as these manufacturers try to cater for all spectrum of the market.

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