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Tips For The Best Band Practice

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Anybody who has ever been in a band will know that one of the most important aspects of making music and playing it live is practice. A group of people playing music together isn’t always a straight forward activity, and no band can expect to be at their best without regular practice, but undoubtedly there are some methods better than others when it comes to your band practice, and thinks you can do to ensure the best practice session possible. Here are my tips:

Practice On Your Own First

There’s nothing worse than going into a session with the rest of your band and being the rusty one. Play scales or other people’s songs, and then play your own songs on your own so that you’re ready when it comes to the time to play together. The rest of the band members wont want you to be messing up every minute or so. Be the best you can be before you start.

Don’t Make it All About The Music

It sounds like a strange thing to say, but bands aren’t just about music. You’re not robots, and it is important that you all get along well and first and foremost are friends (aw, how cute). Don’t just make it a case of getting together to play tunes, but make it a great way to hang out and catch up with your friends as well as getting in all the practice you can at the same time. Why not go for a beer afterwards just to cement your chemistry?

Stretch Yourself

Don’t just play easy songs, and don’t just compose songs because you know that you’ll find them simple to play live, try to expand your musicianship and stretch yourself, which will keep you challenged and interested as well as moving you forward as a band.

Take Breaks

Just like anything, you can’t do it non stop for hours and still be at your best, you will eventually start to tire, whether mentally or physically (drummers especially will tire physically). It’s important to take regular breaks and give yourself a bit of a rest.

Mix it Up

Don’t just play the same songs in the same order practice after practice, you need to include some variation so that things stay interesting. Play an old track that you’ve not dug out for a while or learn a new cover version, you could even swap instruments or introduce a new instrument, this helps not only to keep your enthusiasm in tact but will improve your skills as a musician too.

Have a Laugh

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, having fun and having a laugh. Nobody joins or starts a band to be miserable, and if they do it won’t last long. It’s really important to have fun and make sure everyone is smiling at your band practices.


Different methods will work for different bands and different people, but in general, if you stick to the above tips you won’t go too far wrong on your band practices.

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